10,000 apologies, 500 boxes of bandaids, 556 peanut butter sandwiches, 307 games of monopoly, endless car pool lines, birthday cakes, road trips and dance parties! What a life we share both the beauty and the sadness. My boys have watched me curse and fall and get back up, they’ve watched me fight my way out of depression, countless amounts of tears and belly aching laughs. They’ve forgiven me more times than I even want to remember. The list could go on forever. I’m so grateful for them and so grateful for this life and journey I’ve been given. 

To four years, I wouldn’t change a thing. 

6 thoughts on “5/17 

  1. what a privilege it is to be a mama. if you’re doing it real, you’re doing it well. cheers to the splendid days and the hard days and everything in between.

  2. Mountains gave you old soul, it speaks from your lips. Mature behavior shows assurance. So young and such a great experience. Who said that joy comes easy? It means you had to learn this lesson. The harder it precedes it, the easier it becomes a burden dropped. The end of something is always the beginning of something new.
    I wonder whether you would like to change something, because if so, then all of your accumulated experience were to disappear. You are a perfect example of the fact that the mother is the center of all things, it revolves around all our thoughts and deeds, and only we get the strength they draw from the universe like an energy source… Look at these stars, small mom beauties, all of our mothers.


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