Reflecting this week on the changes I’ve made in my life and the ones I’m still aiming to achieve. 

My decision to pull away from most forms of social media was by far the best thing. I don’t regret it for a second and while most people assume I’ll come back to those places I don’t see it happening. I feel so much better and free without them. 

So my question to myself this week was why I came back here. I honestly don’t fully know. Having a place to put my art is part of it. I found all these images building up that represent the beauty of life and had nowhere and nothing to do with them. I also think there’s something still left unsaid. Thoughts to be shared and books to recommend. I’ve seen so much of the impact passing along even little bits of wisdom can have on the quality of life as well as being the recipient of such thoughtfulness. There’s an element of that I don’t want to take away from the people who still come here for inspiration. I want to share what I’ve learned. 

For now, I hope whoever reads these words visually or audibly there’s solace and encouragement found. 

Till then. 

13 thoughts on “3/29

  1. Bekah.
    I’m not usually one to comment like this, but I just wanted to thank you for being unflinchingly honest and true to your own heart, on this equal parts terrible + wonderful thing that is the internet. Your choice to step away from social media and the musings on that choice that you have shared have been truly inspiring and encouraging to me, as someone who has struggled with the ‘balance’ of online presence for a while. I know your choices are made from a completely personal place, and my view has no bearing on that, but for what it’s worth – I have huge respect for the choices you have made regarding social media, what you’ve shared has really impacted the way I view my own presence there.
    So, simply, thank you for sharing with us a little of your journey and its art, and for being a beautiful light giving presence through the wide physical space between our screens.
    H xo

  2. Oh! I am glad you’re not leaving. This little space is one of my favorites. Something about you resonates deep within me. I find courage in your art. It matters.

  3. Love hearing your thoughts and reading your recommendations. My boyfriend’s go-to is Reddit but I’ve always been drawn to blogs for interesting musings and recommendations.

    Glad to see you’ve found what works for you.

  4. I’m so glad to are still sharing with those of us that are inspired by you. Thank you🙏🏻

  5. bekah,

    thank you for always being so thoughtful. your social presence (tumblr, blog, insta, twitter) have impacted my personal growth so much and have been such a source of strength, beauty and encouragement. you are such a beautiful light and presence in my life, i really, truly mean that whole- heartedly. i appreciate your search for a balance (yet selfishly want you to remain in at least one domain!). you are just the loveliest and inspire me so very much.

    with a full heart,

  6. I am so happy that u came back. I really think that this space stands for inspiration- and there is nothing better than to share art, thoughts and moments in a way to inspire others. Thank u for doing that! Even people from Europe (Austria) love to read your posts:-)
    All the best- Livia.

  7. Yes, its so true! You have thoughts and opinions of your own.. like for example not many people are like you and me looking for health root causes etc.

    And you have a great eye for photography and I love reading all your posts about the things your grateful for. I got into listing what I’m grateful for daily and it helped shift my focus but this is my reminder to start again because i had forgotten for a few weeks.

  8. As a twentysomething still trying to figure out this life, I’m glad to have your guidance and the guidance of women all over this planet. Thank you for continuing to share your struggles and successes. Much love xx

  9. Thanks for posting here. I agree with those who commented above, this space has a simplicity and honesty that resonates. I honestly don’t see the blog as a type of “socal media”… I think it is a form of self publishing that is important for us. Yes we connect on here, but not in a superficial way, at least I don’t think so. It is important to connect with our tribe! We have to remind each other that our story matters!

    I have been off of social media for about 3 years now, and somehow felt like I needed to get back into it again, but it seems to be burning my fingertips a bit. I am not used to feeds to follow and “likes” to click. It just doesn’t seem authentic to me anymore. My blog however, is an extension of my heart and my story. It is something SO different in my opinion. It is my little carved out space in the online world… where it’s safe to be me and express my creativity. I am so glad you are doing the same. Your work has inspired me in a lot of ways and I get a little thrill when I see your post pop up on my feed. xoxox Alicia

  10. Reading your blog has always been an inspiration and has brought light and beauty into my “computer time”. Now..it brings a reminder of balance. Recently, I purchased a beautiful old fashioned hour glass. It sits beside my computer. They are a married pair now. One hour. I make it count. The rest of the noise is ignored. Thank you for reminding me…again…of the joy found in balance. And, thank you for continuing to share your thoughts and your work. You see…it does matter. You are included in my precious hour. You are a light that I chose to let in.

  11. I am a 65 year-old single mother of two sons. They are now 28 and 24 years old. I was where you are now and still am, today. Artful, grateful, questioning, loving, working on being a better citizen, Mother and friend to all. You are not alone in this life. know that and smile. Thank-you for sharing yourself.

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