1/ that smile 

2/ morning cup 

3/ celebrating the best of friends with a seafood piaya

4/ the joy of unexpected guests to cook for 

5/ the smell of spring air 
*thank you deeply for all the kind replies on last weeks post. 

5 thoughts on “4/4

  1. Beks….I even feel comfortable to call you by a nickname, which might be creepy, but also possibly lovely in its intimacy and intention…I just want to tell you that I deeply appreciate your being here and sharing in this space. I am a 23 year-old North American woman; and you have deeply inspired me in my own life for five years. Through farming, career, artist, emotional struggle, and most recently recovering from a lost child…
    I thank you for staying here…your presence is so appreciated.
    Thank you for your courage to share–the bruises and the accomplishments 🙂

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