These days. This morning.









*something about mornings lately.

Gracious gift from god that I’ve somehow learned to see the good in them. Mornings have always been the hardest part of my day. Something about waking up alone, not having anyone to say “you got this babe”. Not that anyone has ever said that to me… I just imagine life would be so different if you had support. Someone to run this race with. Fact is life is hard. Being on 24/7 for toddlers is HARD. Amaze but hard. Beautiful but hard.

So here’s to the beauty in these mornings I’ve grown to love. To a life that’s not perfect but a race that’s worth running. For myself for my boys and for my father.


31 thoughts on “These days. This morning.

  1. Makes me think of Psalm 30:5 “Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning” Heres to even brighter mornings!

  2. “I just imagine life would be so different if you had support.”
    YES. This is what I think to myself daily, and I don’t even have children. I’m just going through a sad divorce, and losing my best friend. It’s harder than I could have ever thought. As I keep telling him, “Life is meant to be shared.” And, it is. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve also lost my job in the last year, friends and family have moved away, and it’s just me now. It’s most difficult for me on the sunny days…those days in January when it’s warm and cool at the same time, and you just know that if he were still around, the two of you would be in the car, with the dog, adventuring. Hang in there, Becca. I feel confident we will both one day experience that support in life…good people shouldn’t be so sad and lonely.

    1. You know it’s not always so bad. What I constantly have to remind myself of is that nothing is as bad as being WITH someone and still feeling more alone than ever. My life is wonderful and beautiful right now, so much better than it was but like I said… Can’t help but wonder.

      No one is alone in their pain and sadness. Thanks for sharing.

      Best to you today.

      1. Hi there Becca, you are absolutely right in saying that it’s still possible to feel totally alone even when you’re with someone. Work and other responsibilities take up so much time that you just forget to make an effort to spend it with the one you love. Or sometimes people just forget that they have to make an effort especially after being together for so long. Its just all excuses. Going through bad patches in life is inevitable I think. So I’m glad that you can see the bright side of things and be strong. But always be truthful. First and foremost to yourself.
        All the best to you.


  3. i did not raise my children alone. married to a preacher….life blew up in my face….my children were grown by then.

    i love your honestly, you will find your way, moment by moment.

  4. That was incredibly lovely. I looked through the photos and had a completely different idea as to what the post was about, but it ended so thoughtfully. Lovely.

  5. girl,
    all my best to you! i have 2 toddler boys and i know how it is the most beautiful gift on earth but it is non stop! πŸ™‚ you make it look gorg in your photos too.

  6. Fellow friend, you GOT this πŸ™‚ Wishing you strength and much love. And, thank you for answering my ques. from your tumblr about the deerskin (yes, it would make a lovely pillow!). Funny that it’s illegal to pick roadkill up. (I’ve only just discovered my inbox for tumblr).

  7. Ahh Sister, I can relate to your struggles. As a mama to a 1 year old, I find everyday a constant challenge. Thankfully, God has given me the grace and patience to just “take the next step”. And I’ve learned that trials either make a person bitter or better. Let’s hope to be better because of them.

  8. Great photos! I have to ask — what kind of yoga do you practice? Do you go to a studio or do it at home. I’ve been wanting to forever, but can’t afford the pricey classes and memberships and am intimidated to try at home in fear I’m not “doing it right”. Thanks for the inspiration to give it a go regardless!

    1. Hi thank you! I do Bikram classes. I’m not taking right now b/c like you said it’s so pricy! I usually wait for a special deal or do it as a treat. Taking classes def pays off in the long run..

      Good luck !

      1. I just started reading your blog and I love it. I too practice Bikram and I have two little ones. You know that almost every studio I have ever been to has a work/study program. You wipe the mirrors and clean a bit or work the front desk and you get free yoga in return. I know you probably have a really tight schedule but they will usually work around it. Just a thought. Beautiful bow!

  9. Beautiful person, beautiful life.

    But let’s talk about your room.

    What you do on a budget truly amazes me. I grew up in the Midwest where the thrifting was plentiful and the estate sales overflowing with amazing furniture and rugs like you have. Alas, we live in Brooklyn now and all of the thrifty things have been bought up by business that need to turn a profit. Thank goodness I had the mindset to accumulate what I called my dowery (really, salad bowls, rugs, and an ancient cow skull to hang on my wall) throughout high school and college, and that my dad was kind enough to drive everything up when I made the move.

    You really have an eye for interior design. I would love to read a post one day about where you find everything and how you decide to put it together. I especially would love to see more photos of your kitchen. It looks efficient, simple, and beautiful. Kinfolk’s got nothing on you πŸ™‚

    Oh, and girl, your plumbing-pipe wardrobe (and moreover, what’s on it!) is perfection. I built one, but it’s made of shiny silver piping and leans to the right ever-so-slightly. What it needs is a patina and some relief from my shopping habits.

    Let’s be friends so we can do clothing swaps, okay?


    1. This. Is. Awesome! Haha thank you very much.

      Once upon a time I studied to be an interior designer. In the end I just work for the designers (almost got there). I truly love putting together efficient attractive spaces.

      Ill keep this in the back of my mind and thanks for the suggestion.

      Yes to being friends and haring clothes πŸ™‚


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