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I always forget the busy that comes with this time of year. Between canning, end of summer activities and the start of school.

A couple people have asked about my grape juice canning method. Canning grapes was a childhood tradition and one of my favorite things to preserve. The process is really simple using this Juicer Steamer It also works for making tomato and other juices but I have different methods I use for those. So far this year between pickling, jelly, grape juice, tomato’s, salsa and green beans I’ve canned over 55 quarts and my pantry is beginning to overflow. This year was another good lesson for me as I realized the joy and value in always putting in a garden even when it doesn’t seem worth the effort. We have a winters worth of food that we’ll be eating when my feet have long forgot the long hot summer days of standing in front of my pressure caner. Such a blessing. As the days are beginning to get colder I’m cleaning out the garden and getting it ready for a winter cover crop, hoping to add some nutrition to the soil for next year. I’m also planning a small fall winter harvest that I’ll protect with a a cold frame of spinach, kale, beets and garlic.

A few weekends ago I was able to take a weekend trip to Nashville to be with some of my good friends. It was far more than I expected and I came home feeling so full. From a day at the lake to visiting the studio of Elizabeth Suzann to hearing Lissie in concert.

Last week I took up pottery again at a small studio. Re teaching myself the joys of throwing and realizing how important a creative outlet is for me. So fortunate to have a sweet friend that is switching play dates every week with our youngest kids so we can have a little time to ourselves.

Lastly, overwhelmed by how quickly my youngest is growing. We spent labor day weekend with one of my dearest friends and hiked a trail at the Red River Gorge. In between carrying him on my back I couldn’t believe as I watched his lanky little body run down the trails. He’ll be five soon and I’m soaking up the moments he can still fit between my legs on the long board and cuddles up next to me wherever I’m at.

Continuing on with my gratitude log:
75. rest
76. visitors
77. pottery
78. forgiveness
79. brokenness
80. growing community


12 thoughts on “Busy

  1. Your blog posts are such a treat. I’m glad I discovered your Instagram (and later blog) by accident about a year ago. Every time I see one of your photos or posts, I’m reminded to be grateful in my own life. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I know you don;t chat on social media (Im 25 and dont have a cellphone!) but I love your asethetic so so much… from your clothes to your blog to your decor sense. I’m working on cleaning out my space and giving away things I don’t need!

    Anyway, I’m always looking for thick sweaters. Just wondering if you know where I can find really thick warm sweaters? Any particular brands? Im skinny so I’m always cold but all the ones in stores are always very thin or ….. pink haha.

    1. Hey there! Wow good for you. I often dream of throwing my phone in a near by body of water and kicking it old school. Very impressed! And yes always looking to downsize. It’s amazing how little we can live with. As for sweaters honestly I don’t have any one by the same brand. I’ve just picked them up over the years when I find one and have a nice little collections now. I can say I like cardigan style wool because it gives you the option of easy layers. I know that my friends who started Slumlove (link on side of my page) just launched their fall line and that’s all they make, sweaters! I’d definitely give them a look because they’re very basic styles colors etc and the profits go to a really great cause. Other wise I’d be hunting thrift stores.

      Hope you find what you’re looking for!


  3. I have followed your blog for well over 2 years now and always an inspiration to my mornings, my days…adding life and light!!! you inspired me to blog on my own now that my new adventure as a new mommy has come about!!! Please check out my blog and let me know what you think if not thank you anyways for inspiring people you know and don’t know yet 🙂


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