I’m laying on a blanket in the shade. A yellow finch is singing right above my head and a hummingbird flying from bloom to bloom. The boys are catching tadpoles in the lake. The breeze is slight and calming. I spent the morning making eucalyptus garlands for a friend. Everything feels calm and perfect and I don’t want to miss a thing. Both boys will be in school the end of summer and it’s been on my heart to take a break again for the summer from social media and posting. Harder than it should be to break away from the habits we find ourselves in isn’t it? But that’s what I want and the freedom that comes with it. We don’t have any big plans this summer and I’m not obligated to anyone. I want to spend the summer focusing on my parenting and developing a better base for who I want to be as a mother and learning to care for myself better as well. 

With beauty and grace,


32 thoughts on “6/4

  1. I was just thinking how nice it was for you to recommend reading,music, etc. i need to read your last post again. There is a lot goin on. Thanks, for what you do and reveal.

  2. Well good for you! Although I’m slightly bummed fr myself because you are something of a single parent role model for me lately. I will look forward to seeing you possibly come back in the fall. I hope you get lots of good pondering in!

  3. Good for you Bekah-so refreshing to hear someone so committed to time with her kids—I share your passion. Mine’s 14, and every day is precious- and the memories will last forever of these quiet moments we have with our children.

  4. With beauty and grace.
    These posts resonate so much with me and where I am these days. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. I’ve been a silent reader of this blog for quite a while. I’m definitely going to miss your beautiful writing and photos.
    But I can totally relate to you in terms of stepping away from social media.
    Have a wonderful summer!
    – Jitka

  6. My little ones also following me after I come home, indescribable joy when you can take them on your hands and throw them to birds fly… after that comes waves of laughter and joy… And when I see their eyes full of wonder and longing in the rear view mirrors, I want to stop and never leave them behind, even for a few hours. These small sun bunnies do not understand your “later” or “just a second”, their world is now and here.
    Their age is such as when tadpoles have all four legs, a tail are left to lose and become a little Froggy. Be with them, play with them, learn with them … I wish you a beautiful summer.

  7. I meant to leave you a comment way back when you initially posted “Internet Part 2,” I think it was — partly because you mentioned Wendell Berry and I LOVE Wendell Berry, partly b/c you touched on a tension I’ve encountered more than once in my own thinking (“to blog or not to blog,” or SM or whatever, for the sake of living better the kind of lifestyle you’re posting about), and partly b/c I wanted to say “You should GO FOR IT,” for the taking a total break from the internet (or maybe just social media).

    And so I’m really glad to see that you are indeed going for it! I heartily affirm your decision (for as much as that’s worth coming from a total stranger) and wish you all the best this summer, and always.

    Lastly, I also wanted to say THANK YOU, because I’ve found both your blog and your tumblr to be really beautiful, and resonating, and inspiring, and encouraging, and they have helped me on more than one hard day this year (and have delighted me on many “good” days, as well! But they’ve also reminded me that every day is good b/c a gift…)

    So thank you, Bekah.

    With sincerity,

    Bekah (I’m a bit tickled that we have the same name.)

  8. So wonderful for you, Bekah! I’ve been following you for YEARS (crazy, right?). Despite not having children I’ve been on (in some ways) a similar journey. Through small changes like embracing the morning light and sounds without immediately picking up my phone to see what happened while I slept.… to choosing not to take part in a lot of SM – no Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, blog, etc. I’ve always been cripplingly self-aware but taking the time to care more for myself has been a blessing. In a lot of ways life slows down enough for me to enjoy the small (which often are the BIG) things. I hope you find it to be all you need as well! xoxo

  9. Thankyou for sharing your simple,beautiful blogs with us.I relate to your circumstances and mindset totally……..enjoy the precious moments and have a great summer with your boys…..I intend to do the same !

    Very best regards

    Bella X

  10. I have similar plans for the summer with my two little ones. I just want to (be), take it all in, maybe take some pictures and breathe the wild air. I’ve also decided that refocusing my parenting is time well spent.

  11. While I’m sad to hear you might be leaving for awhile (I just recently found your blog and I can’t deny that it is now one of my most favorites), I am glad to see that you will be spending some wonderful time with your children. We need to step away from social media for time on end or else we end up reporting what we’ve done rather than experienced it. I hope all goes well for you and you get exactly what you need. Thoughts and love to you.

  12. Have a wonderful summer. I love the things you do and the feelings you wake up in me with your pictures and quotes. Beautiful, so pure and simple! Come back when you are ready, I will wait forever if I have to!
    Lots of love from Sweden

  13. Before you left I should have asked you about your views on SPF.. since I know you mentioned you don’t use it. It broke me out so bad last summer Im struggling as to whether I should try some again or not :/

    1. Just saw this. That’s a sticky subject but I don’t really trust it. If you have a diet really rich in omegas you can use coconut oil as a sunscreen. For me we gradually spend more and more time out in the summer so burning has never really been an issue. If I know we’re going to be out much longer than normal I’ll put some on but typically avoid it. Always torn between the research on that one..

      1. Im torn too. What I did this summer was try to wear a hat and walk on the shady side of the road. Typically I get burned in the summer when I wear SPF but this summer I actually didn’t wear SPF and didn’t get burned, I think bc I was so careful about staying in shade/not going out in peak hours. I do miss sitting in direct sun but my face just can’t deal with any of the SPF’s I’ve tried thus far. The zinc ones are too heavy and my face gets horrible cystic acne from them. (So I figure either I get wrinkles from the sun by not wearing SPF or skin damage from the inflamed acne I get if i DO wear SPF). Maybe next year ill just try mineral makeup with a little SPF or something just to have some sense of protection. My body seems fine with Badger SPF (tho breaks out a bit but who cares about a little acne on the body).

  14. Thanks for just such wonderful encouragement and honesty in your blogging, Bekah. Bless you as you take this summer off, and for sharing the process of ‘why’. Just so nourishing to hear your sharing.

    Anna @atthetable_uk

    1. hi! thank you so much! the cross ring and necklace I got lucky and picked up at a clearance store! they’re gold and two of my favorite pieces. the other rings are treasures as well made by my dear friend Hannah from Another Feather. xx

      1. Thanks for letting me know! I’ll have to check out Another Feather! Looking for some everyday pieces for a more minimalist style. I figure life would be easier with pieces I wear everyday.

  15. This is literally my 3rd comment hahah! So sorry. But, what size Chemex do you have (3, 6, or 8 cup)??? My new goal is to start making an amazing cup of coffee (Actually, two mugs worth 🙂 ) per day but Im unsure which size to buy. (I don’t know if a 3 cup chemex is actually like 3 measuring cups worth and too small of an amount for one person)…. Ive heard the Chemex is the best and its cheaper than the Keurig so..

  16. Good luck Bekah. I can’t comment on your instagram because I don’t have it but you’ve been an endless source of inspiration and grace.I will miss seeing things through your eyes and aesthetic. That being said, I completely understand and admire your choice to back away from the internet. Part of my plan for 2016 is to do similar with certain aspects of the internet. I wish you luck in all things, but I know you won’t need it.

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