My heart and my home.












Pressed reset this morning or last night rather when I forced myself to go to bed early instead of burning the midnight oil (again). Woke up earlier than normal and this day has been fantastic as a result.

Yesterday we played at the farm. I planted some tomatoes and green beans just in time for today’s rain. These little things like the salamander I unearthed center me and make me grateful for all I’ve been given.


Green smoothie recipe b/c it’s a main food group for us these days.

handful of spinach

1 frozen banana cut into pieces

1 handful frozen strawberries

1 cup coconut milk or more if needed

I also add some vitamin C powder and a powdered nutritional supplement for a boost

blend till smooth

Today’s inspiration:

*blessed weekend friends

14 thoughts on “My heart and my home.

  1. One of my peaceful pleasures are reading your posts…the photos speak to my heart and I find myself smiling…thank you for these simple treasures:)

  2. Just in case no one told you lately, you are a good woman and wonderful mother! Love my visits with you and your family. I never walk away empty-handed! Happy Happy Mother’s Day!!! Hugs to you and your sweet boyz!

  3. I don’t know if you have seen this video, but I watch it at least 3 times a day and it puts me in a better mood every time. I just thought you might like it since you are a farm girl, and love goats! Enjoy! Show your sweet boys too, I am sure they will get a kick out of it!

  4. This is unrelated to this post although this post is wonderful, but your pictures for Club Monaco are awesome! My favorite was the Emmy coat. What a fun opportunity and I hope you get to do stuff like that more! You’re a natural. 🙂

  5. my daily smoothie is quite similar, but I use kale instead of spinach and a scoop of raw protein. I do need to work on my green smoothie mustache though 😉

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